Mis-sold PPI

Mis Sold PPI – How To Make A Complaint

If you think back to a time when you took out a loan or a mortgage, got a credit card or even bought something big on credit, like a sofa, there’s a good chance you were offered PPI, or payment protection insurance. Our research shows that millions of people were sold a policy that was not suitable for

them. This is mis-selling, and if you’ve been mis sold PPI, you can complain and get your money back. Many people don’t even know what PPI is or whether or not they even have it.

PPI in short, is an insurance that is supposed to cover your debt repayments if you can’t work. However, many agree that it’s a very poor value product that won’t even cover you when you need it the most and was often mis sold PPI. If you are self-employed, unemployed, in temporary employment, on a fixed-term contract or retired, you may not be able to use your mis sold PPI insurance. Also if you have a pre-existing medical condition like a bad back, this may also stop you from being able to claim if you are unable to work. If these points were not made clear to you when you took out the policy, chances are, you were mis sold PPI.
When a financial services company is selling you a product, they have an obligation to explain exactly what they’re selling to you and also any significant exclusions. When it comes to payment protection insurance, they need to make it crystal clear that it’s an optional extra and not something that you are obliged to take out alongside the policy, otherwise it is Mis sold PPI.
If you’ve been mis sold PPI, making a complaint is easier than you might think. All you need to do is call PPI Claims Help today and we will go through why you were Mis sold PPI and what we need to do to get your case started.
Initially we will determine why you were Mis sold PPI and who the lenders were who mis sold PPI to yourself. If you have any original paperwork from the Loan that you think you may have been mis sold PPI on, that is brilliant as this will clearly show that PPI was mis sold and means we can put together a very strong case referencing the paperwork provided.
Mis-sold Pensions is a question we are often asked…If you do not have the Paperwork showing the Mis sold PPI then we can only go back as far as 6 years from when you finished paying off your agreement with your lender. This is because banks and other lenders only have to keep your information on file for a total of 6 years from when you finished paying off your agreement with them. This means that they can deny that you were Mis sold PPI, so getting hold of this paperwork is important, but we can investigate your Mis sold PPI from just an account number.
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